The ultimate goal of Yoga is to find peace within through harmonious movement of the body, calming of the mind, and maturing of the spirit. My goal in guiding your practice whether physical or meditative is to help you tap into that deep, immovable peace within so that you can move with greater ease throughout your life.

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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is Sanskrit for “to place in a special way.” Flow is the ease-filled transition from one movement to the next. In Vinyasa Flow, we move with the breath through a sequence of poses, transitioning with intention from pose to pose to help promote proper alignment. Placing each part of the body in a special away allows for ease of breath, and gives direction to strength, flexibility, and balance throughout the body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is Sanskrit for “sun moon” to emphasis balance. These are vinyasa flow style classes in which movement is slowed in order to more fully experience the pose and move from one pose to the next more mindfully.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a Vinyasa Flow style class that incorporates more challenging poses to promote strength, flexibility, and exploration of moving beyond the limits of the body and mind.

Yin Yoga

A style of yoga where movement is slow and poses are held for longer than in a vinyasa flow for a deeper stretch.


Meditation is the art of being still.  Meditation is known to help reduce stress, calm an anxious mind and body, and connect you to that deep sense of peace within.


Sanskrit for “Pose” or “Posture,” asana comes from the ancient yogic tradition of being still in body for meditation, the quieting of body and mind.