One Size does Not Fit All


As a yoga teacher, and owner of a yoga business, I often promote to those interested, the benefits of yoga. When someone says, “I’m not flexible,” I tell them that the physical practice of yoga

Bringing Restorative Elements into Your Practice


Restorative yoga is the practice of resting for about 15 to 25 minutes in 3-5 poses. Restorative yoga is not a workout, but rather it’s meant to reset the body, give the body rest, bringing

Do I have to say Namaste?


The short answer is no. In my classes I usually end with everyone rising from savasana (corpse pose), our final resting pose of an asana practice, taking three breaths together to further calm the body,

Guided Imagery Meditation


  Guided meditation aims to calm the nervous system, help decrease stress and tension in the body and mind, and bring people into the deep place within themselves that is at perfect peace in all

Men and Yoga


If these two concepts seem contradictory to you, let me give a brief history lesson. Yoga began as a way of finding the best posture in which to meditate, all of which were seated poses.

Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga


In my classes I use Sanskrit when cueing some poses, along with the English translation. I don’t do this to intimidate or show off; I’m not fluent in the language by any means. But I

Why I Use Hands-On Assists


When we take time to reflect on why we do the things we do, we come to understand it better ourselves so that we can bring that understanding to others. — Jessica Haessly of Yoga Story

Awareness vs. Obsession


The awareness we are cultivating in yoga is not meant for us to judge these areas and obsess over them, but rather to deepen our ability to pay attention.

I Can’t Teach You Yoga


Recently I received my 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification through Empower Yoga in Appleton, WI, registered with Yoga Alliance, my “Yoga Story” dba (doing business as) was approved by the state under my current Write

The Yoga of Listening and Critical Thinking


  The trick of a well-taught power yoga class is in making it seem as though you hardly have to think at all. The teacher breaths with you, speaks clearly, and gives you a general feeling of ease, guiding you through