Public Group Classes

Yoga Story offers group yoga classes for all bodies and levels of mobility. Classes feature a variety of styles-- Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga, Wall Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga. Various props, verbal cues, and hands-on assistance are offered in every class to help you find strength, balance, and ease in every pose.

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Personal/Group Private Yoga

Private Individual and group yoga classes are available. Whether you're looking for a personalized experience tailored to your body and mind goals or want to get a group together for a fun way to connect, let Yoga Story help guide you!

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Yoga @ Work

Boost morale in the workplace while also helping build a culture of wellness that can reduce healthcare costs. Yoga teaches breathing to help lower stress and focus to help increase concentration, while also positively impacting the bottom line.

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Events & Workshops

Special events give you the opportunity to experience yoga in a new way. Workshops help you deepen your yoga practice by intense focus on one aspect of yoga.

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My Story

Learn more about the owner of Yoga Story in her brief bio.

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Pause. Practice. Play.

Yoga is the practice of bringing strength, balance, and flexibility to body and mind through mindful movement and meditation. We pause to feel what is happening in the body and notice thoughts moving through the mind. We practice to keep body and mind active and continue to increase our awareness of body, mind, and breath. And we play to bring ease and creativity to our practice.

Your Story Starts Now!

Our bodies reveal our stories-- past and present. The way we move, breathe, and think in the present informs our future, but when we ruminate on the stories of our past or worry about our future, we get stuck. Yoga brings freedom by teaching us to move, breathe, and be in the present. This freedom is accessible to us whenever we are ready to begin. When is your now?

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Photo Credit: Stephanie LH Harvey